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Do you think that NYC deserves an actual Deathrock night with Deathrock, Batcave, Goth, Wave + more?

Remember when we had NY Decay nights every Saturday at pyramid few years back? Does Drop Dead Festival comes not often enough? Do you think that NYC deserves an actual Deathrock night with Deathrock, Batcave, Goth, Psychobilly and Gothabilly, Early Industrial, Wave, Post Punk, No Wave, Art Punk, NDW and Weirdo music?

Well we are throwing a one off party which might turn into a more regular thing if we get a big turn out.

As if all that good music was not enough, it is in one of the best clubs in the city, yep we are taking over the new big room of Downtime, its 18+ to get in, free to get in and we even have free booze. Hell with a deal like that one will be a fool not to come right? Ihat wasn't enough we also have giveaways from drop dead magazine and Mute Records of Fad Gadget. Frank Tovey Stuff. And ofcourse don't forget we will be screening rare Fad Gadget videos courtesy of Mute.

When : This Thursday December 21, 06 10 pm (come early to get open bar 10-11)
Where: Rebel (Downtime) 251 west 30 street between 7th and 8th avenue, NYC 10001
Details: Doors 10pm sharp, free booze 10-11pm, free to get in 10-12, 45 after 12, 18 to get in 21 to drink
Website: http://nydecay.com/

Since our weekly night is still in the works, NY Decay are throwing a Pre-Christmas bash, just for East Coast ghouls! Starting at 10pm in the Tower at Rebel (y'know, where that Albion night is?), prepare to dance your gothy bums off to the best in new and classic dark music! Admission is free before 12pm, party is 18+ and we even have open bar 10-11. Free admission, Great music and free drinks, what else can you want?

And what will we be spinning, you ask? Why, only the best for you! Stuff like Cinema Strange, Einsturzende Neubauten, Swans, Crass, Fad Gadget, The Birthday Party, Nash The Slash, Black Ice, Scarlet's Remains, Poison Girls, Klaus Nomi, Cop Shoot Cop, Danielle Dax, Kitchen & The Plastic Spoons, Dead Kennedys, Scraping Foetus Off The Wheel, Gang of Four, Test Dept, X-Ray Spex, KUKL, Nurse With Wound, Devo, PIL, Theatre of Hate, Psychic TV, Big Black, The Cramps, Xmal Deutschland, DAF, Rubella Ballet, Coil, UK Decay, Creaming Jesus, Alien Sex Fiend, Wire, Clock DVA, Zounds, The Dancing Did, Action Pact...hell, we might even play some BAUHAUS!

And surelly we will have ton of those at the party for ya
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